In the province of Quebec, future chiropractic doctors have to complete a five-year doctor of chiropractic undergraduate degree at Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières. This program is subject to quota and admission requirements are similar to the ones applied in many other recognized health care professions. Students must then spend eighteen months in a university supervised clinical practice. Afterwards, they must register for strict national exams required by the Ordre des chiropracticiens du Québec.Only after having successfully passed these exams can chiropractic doctors accept and treat patients autonomously.

At the completion of their training, chiropractors have the necessary knowledge to make a chiropractic diagnosis. This allows them to create a specific and individualized care program based on the patient's physical condition, age and health goals.

Fiels studied

In Quebec and Ontario, besides the chiropractic principles and clinical sciences related to the chiropractic diagnosis, future chiropractors also study the following disciplines:

  • anatomy

  • biochemistry

  • physiology

  • neurology

  • embryology

  • immunology

  • microbiology

  • pathology

  • nutrition

  • etc.

Training in radiology is particularly in-depth for chiropractic students. They go through a 360-hour course as well as a clinical internship. They study biophysics, radiation protection, x-ray clinical interpretation and diagnosis. 

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